Vacation Rental Damage Protection

broken TV at vacation rental

Vacation Rental Damage Insurance for Renters

Accidents happen -- especially on vacation -- and you can be covered when they do. Your toddler bumps into a lamp and it shatters. The frisbee goes through a window. A bath overflows and causes water damage. Rest easy with Damage Protection insurance with coverage up to $1,000 for unintentional damage to the vacation rental home during your stay. 

No one wants to lose their security deposit. Our Travel Secure plan includes vacation rental damage coverage that can cover you in the case of accidental damage to the rental and reimburse you if your damage deposit is withheld due to a covered loss. You can even be covered for theft of vacation rental property and pet damage, as long as pets are allowed at the rental.

Vacation Rental Managers

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Damage Protection FAQs

What is Damage Protection coverage?

The Travel Secure plan includes Damage Protection, which covers for unintentional damage to the vacation home during your stay. You can be reimbursed up to $1,000 if you are charged for covered losses or if your damage security deposit is withheld.

Does Damage Protection cover pet damage?

Damage protection can cover pet damage as long as having pets in the property is not considered a breach to the lease agreement.