What Could Happen and How Vacation Rental Travel Protection Can Help


Vacation Gone Wrong
If you’re forced to cancel or interrupt your trip, how much of that prepaid trip cost could you get back? Not just vacation rental costs, but flights, rental cars, entertainment and more, down the drain. Avoid that fate if you can. Travel insurance with assistance services designed for vacation rental trips can help you recoup losses for around 20 different types of events that could cause you to cancel your travel plans, including:

  • Sickness, Injury, or death of you, a Family Member or Traveling Companion
  • Flight cancellations due to adverse weather or mechanical breakdown
  • Mandatory evacuation at your destination due to a natural disaster

Damage to the Vacation Rental
Accidents happen, and you can be covered when they do. Your toddler bumps into a lamp and it shatters. The frisbee goes through a window. With our Travel Secure plan you get Damage Protection coverage for up to $1,000 of unintentional damage to the vacation home during your stay.

Medical Emergencies
Our travel protection plans can help you with a wide range of medical needs on vacation. If you’re injured or become sick while traveling and have to seek treatment, your medical expenses can be covered. If the situation is severe enough that you have to be medically-evacuated, that can also be covered, up to the coverage limits.

How many ways can a hurricane wreck a trip? There could be mandatory evacuation at your destination, the vacation rental might be destroyed or damaged, or maybe you can’t get to your rental because a road is closed or flight canceled. Your own home could even be destroyed by a storm.

Any one of these events could force you to cancel, interrupt or get delayed on your trip and travel protection can help you in all of these situations.